Yoshimitsu Tsunaki

is a Sapporo-based electronica musician.
He has been creatively active in music, poetry and graphic artistry since the latter half of 1990.
Due to ill-health he was forced to stop performing in 2003.
He resumed his artistic persuits sporadically in 2007 as he continues to recuperate.
Amongst his work in noise-ambient music one piece in particular was highly praised by Thomas"Squarepusher"Jenkinson at the Squarepusher Remix Competition on Youtube.
He continues to experiment and explore the world of sound.

2013年、Squarepusher Remix Competitionに参加。作品のクオリティと独創性が高く評価され、 SquarepusherYoutubeチャンネルにてThomas Jenkinsonにより紹介される。
同年、デジタルアルバム"toki no oto"をリリース。
同年、創作集団"trinitiks"による国内CGコンテスト優秀賞作品"Light node on digital fabrication"に楽曲提供。
2017年、水滴を操作することで音を奏でる楽器"coding water" のサウンドデザイン及び音響プログラミングを担当。

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